About Us


Petromad was created in 2005 in Houston Texas by Dr. Roseline Emma Rasolovoahangy to develop and produce the hydrocarbon reserves of Madagascar, although it is very important to the economic development of the country and could lift millions of Malagasy out of poverty, up to date largely remain intact.

PetroMad was awarded a 10,160 sq km onshore block 3114 and signed the Production Sharing Contract (“PSC”) with Madagascar Government on October 23, 2006. The license became effective on July 09, 2007.

PetroMad is the operator of the Block 3114 and has 100% interest in the block. PetroMad is at the last phase of the exploration period. The remaining work program to complete prior to starting production period are drilling 3 exploration wells.

We believe PetroMad represents one of the best opportunity late stage oil & gas exploration available in onshore Madagascar.

There are 225 offshore and onshore blocks in Madagascar. These have attracted foreign oil investment including Exxon Mobil, Sterling Energy, Vanco Energy, Total, Marex, Sapetro, Essar, Tullow, Sinopec, Aminex, Pura Vida, Madagascar Oil, etc.