9-JULY-2007 PETROMAD received the mining license of Block 3114 and is the operator of the block 3114.

2007-2008 PETROMAD analysed all the pre-existing data on block 3114 and its surrounding; integrated all of them to evaluate the hydrocarbon potential of the block 3114 and to design the aeromagnetic acquisition.

2009 PETROMAD carried out the Environmental Impact Assessment (“EIA”) for aeromagnetic data acquisition on the entire block.

2010 PETROMAD Acquired Aeromagnetic data, radiometry data, along with landsat data through out the entire block 3114.

2011 PETROMAD processed, analysed, and interpreted the new air-Mag + radiometry +landsat, and then integrated them with the pre-existing data in (2), as results identified 7 leads and designed the new 2D seismic acquisition.

2012 PETROMAD prepared the seismic acquisition and carried out the EIA for 2D seismic acquisition

2012-2013 PETROMAD acquired 165km 2D seismic in Stage-1 and 102 km 2D seismic Stage-2

2014 PETROMAD processed and interpreted the new seismic data, integrated them with all the previous and Identified drilling location.

2015-2018 Prepared for drilling and carried out EIA for drilling.

2020 PETROMAD is looking for equity partner(s) to finish the remaining work Programs, and move to production within 18 months.