list of data


Data available
Raw tape and processed Air-Mag Data
Raw tape and processed Seismic I and II data
EIA report for Air-Mag acquisition
EIA for drilling
MHA Technical Review dated August 2012
Block 3113 New Wells Pay Thickness (image)
Block 3113 New Wells Pay Thickness OOIP (spreadsheet)
Seismic Data Quality Examples (image)
Seismic Data Quality Map (image)
Seismic Section through BW_1bis Well (image)
Figures for dpb Report (PowerPoint file)
Seismic Report dpb 8-27-12
Previous Data
Contracts and Terms
CRJ Binding Terms Sheet
CRJ-Tellus Sale and Purchase Agreement
Annexes of the Production Sharing Contract
Block 3114 Concession Coordinates
List of Data, Block 3114
Draft of PSC between OMNIS and PetroMad
PetroMad Articles of Incorporation
PetroMad PSC Terms Summary
Geologic, Geochemical and Reserve Reports
Caravel Final Presentation London April 2013 (pdf slides)
MCM PetroMad December 3, 2013 (PowerPoint file)
MCM PetroMad December 14, 2014 (PowerPoint file)
RPS Letter of Opinion September 2010
Oxy Permo-Triassic Palynostratigraphy Report
Oxy Photogeological Study Sakaraha 1982
Robertson Research Report: The Source Rock Potential of Madagascar 1986
RFC Ambrian Caravel Energy Summary
Caravel Energy Lac Bezaha Concession Index Map
Oxy Madagascar Sakaraha Block Exploration Evaluation February 1984
Jurassic Sub-Basin Wells (Oxy report)
Potentiel Petrolier de le Region Sud Onilahy, Madagascar February 2000
Etude Complementaire par Sondages Electriques dans la Region do Bezaha 1951
OMNIS-PetroMad Meeting, August 25, 2010
Air Mag 7 Prospects (map)
Petroleum Prospecting Interpretation of an Airborne Geophysical Survey Held in SW Madagascar (hard copy report)
Desktop Study: Phase 1 of a Larger Hydrocarbon Exploration Project in the PetroMad Concession, Southwest Madagascar 2008
Seismic Data
PetroMad Report DPB 6-19-13 (PowerPoint file)
Phase 2 Early Observations 11-2013 (PowerPoint file)
Seismic Line MR72-71
Seismic Line MR72-1, SP 717 to 249
Seismic Line MR72-39, profiles 101 to 523
Seismic Line MR72-1, SP 704 to 1939
Seismic Line MR72-70
Seismic Line MR72-5
Seismic Line MR73-67
Seismic Line MR72-39, profiles 513 to 588
Seismic Line MR72-2
Seismic Line MR72-1, SP 1 to 100
Seismic Line MR73-72
Seismic Operations Report, Seismograph Service Corporation for Chevron, 1972
Caravel Lead (interpreted seismic section)
Betioky Prospect 1 (interpreted seismic section)
Betioky Prospect 2 (interpreted seismic section)
Well Data
Chevron Final Well Report, Lac No.1 1974
Rapport Geologique de fin de Sondage, Sw-1 (March 1953)
Composite log, Well BW1bis
Composite log, Well Lac1
Composite log, Well SW1